Rubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING - $200

Rubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 1 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 2 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 3 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 4 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 5 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 6 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 7 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 8 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 9 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 10 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 11 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 12 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 13 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 14 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 15 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 16 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 17 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 18 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 19 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 20 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 21 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 22 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 23 thumbnailRubber Conveyor | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING 24 thumbnail

condition: good
make / manufacturer: Horse Stall Mats
model name / number: Gym Floor | Rubber Conveyor
size / dimensions: CLICK TO SEE MOREโฌ‡๏ธMATERIALS

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PURCHASE ONLINE: ๐Ÿ‘‰ https://www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com/used-conveyor-belt-used-conveyor-belting

Questions?? Call Us @ 877-282-USED (8733)

***************** FREE Shipping INCLUDED ON 5,000 lbs. or LESS

ALL LOCATED @๐Ÿ‘‰5703 Crawford Lane, Suite C, Forest Hills, TX 76119

*We have hundreds of rolls ranging in size and length.

Available Length Range: 5' to 1000'
Available Width Range: 5" to over 48"

*Below is just a glimpse of our inventory, Visit our website for more options*

๐ŸŸข$280.50 | 12"x68'x3/8"-2ply-187lbs-no.a120
๐ŸŸข$241.50 | 12"x70'x3/8"-3ply-161lbs-no.a209
๐ŸŸข$111.00 | 13"x25'x3/8"-2ply-74lbs-no.a307
๐ŸŸข$396.10 | 14"x75'x3/8"-2ply-2belts-466lbs-no.a110
๐ŸŸข$588.00 | 29"x90'x3/8"-3ply-392lbs-no.a309
๐ŸŸข$472.50 | 30"x58'x1/4"-2ply-315lbs-no.a226
๐ŸŸข$846.60 | 11"x245'x1/2"-2Ply-993lbs-no.Z19
๐ŸŸข$3,162.00 | 16"x877'x1/2"-5Ply-3,720lbs-no.C2
๐ŸŸข$571.50 | 22-1/4"x110'x3/8"-2ply-381lbs-no.v4
๐ŸŸข$330.00 | 23-3/4"x50'x3/8"-3ply-220lbs-no.R34

Shipping Method: LTL, Flatbed or Local pick-up | 5,000 lbs. & Less - FREE SHIPPING
For Large Orders or other shipping options, Please CONTACT US @ 1- 877-282-USED (8733)

backSTORY: This previous mining conveyor belt has been retired from its initial use. The rigid durability of rubber conveyor can be found in few other materials. How can you "repurpose" this?

Product Notes: **This conveyor is used and will have uneven patterns of wear. The measurements for each roll may not be accurate through the entire piece. Some rolls may be cut or mended and will not be a continuous piece. Dirt, rocks, mud, dust, tears, and cuts are present. **Images may depict samples and may not represent exact roll**


************************************* WALK IN SPECIAL ONLY ****************************************

ALL CONVEYOR for LOCAL Pick-up ONLY: ๐ŸŸข 50 ยข per LBS.


๐ŸŸข 25 ยข per lbs. | When you buy 40,000 lbs. of Conveyor

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Questions?? Call Us @ 877-282-8733 (USED)
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repurposedMATERIALS | TEXAS Location

5703 Crawford Lane, Suite C, Forest Hills, TX 76119
OPEN to the PUBLIC | Hours: 9-5 pm | Monday -Friday
No Appointment Necessary

We Accept Cash, Check and ALL Major Credit Cards
We Have Equipment to Load On Site


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